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Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count and we have a

Rank Site In Out
76 Wolves of the Moon: Rebirth
52 118
Wolves of the Moon: Rebirth is a new RPG that is looking for both new and experienced role players. We have plenty of high spots open in all packs.
77 Atrophia
52 8

A semi-realistic canine survival site with an emphasis on character development and based around a rampant virus and lack of resources as the plot driving point.
78 Big Bad Wolf
52 42

Big Bad Wolf is a semi-realistic wolf rpg with a focus plots, characters, writing, and being drama-free. We have lenient rules where players can create unique characters and create their own packs!
79 In Dire Straits
51 99

In Dire Straits (PG-13) is a highly active animal RP taking place in a fictional region, “The Dire Straits”, loosely based on the tail end of the ice age. While most members prefer to make canine and
80 Monrova
51 140
Monrova, a place of many wonders, beauty, tragedy and many other unworldly events. Every day here is a gamble, and most consider the place to be an everlasting, beautiful nightmare. {FANTASY WOLF RP}
81 ForsakenNightmares
50 341

You hear howling, whimpering, and screams. This is the sound of war in a world called Matali. 5 packs are at war from the evil spell cast one every wolf in this world to hate one another pack. Will
82 Tranquillity
50 47

A semi-realistic literate RP, following the lives of two packs based in the Canadian and Alaskan regions during the 1960s.
83 Duodecim
49 20

Duodecim is a semi-realistic, literate, wolf role playing site. In a land where humans are non existent, rises the Wolf. Will you plunge into the world of Duodecim?
84 ad acta
49 10

Ad Acta is a simple canine RP with an open plot, taking place at the end of the fall of mankind. 200 words per post, art encouraged
85 Defying the ODDS
46 108
Defying the Odds is a realistic wolf RPG that accepts any level of roleplay.

Step into the wild and see if you can defy the odds.
45 287
A semi-realistic wolf and canine roleplay based in a wild life reserve.
87 Ravensvair
43 161

All are welcome at Ravensvair: a semi-realistic wolf rpg with a history. With origins steeped in tradition, the new wolves of Ravensvair must pick up the pieces following a great rebellion. Do they?
88 Eidolon
43 131

Eidolon is a new up and coming RPG experience. Choose from several species to play, create your own pack or herd, gain experience and level your characters, and take part in our original plot.
89 Let Loose the Dogs of War
42 94

In a world ruled by animals, wolves are the top species. So evolved are they, that it was them who created dogs. But dogs are tired of being slaves to wolves, and so the rebellion starts.
90 Silenced
41 53

Semi-lit to advanced, post apocalypse Wolf RPG. RP as a wolf or one of the other animals that live in their territory.
91 Wolf's Tear
41 139
Wolf's Tear is an semi-realistic, intermediate wolf/shifter roleplay with a story created around life, love, death, and revenge. Who will win the war, the wolves or the Wolfiends? Created July 2004!
92 Vulpes Elementalis
41 253
An elemental fox roleplay with five clans: light, dark, fire, water, and forest. The current plot involves the light clan's crazy leader wanting to take over them all! A laidback community and friendly admin are hallmarks of this great site.
93 Paperthin
39 57

Visit the lands of the six deities, who have gifted the wolves below with abilities and attributes, thrown into chaos that the same gods have ripped apart.
94 Life Is Fair Enough
38 205
An advanced-literate stray dog rpg in LA, California. In a place where anything can happen, come see where you journey takes you...
38 504

Questions surround the island as wolves come up dead, murdered brutally to their core. A hostile native pack threatens any survival. You have been chosen to start your new life on the island.
96 The African Falls Tribe
38 140

A semi-literate, realistic wild canid roleplay taking place in Africa. We are friendly for all ages and offer over 50+ canine species to choose from.
97 The Spring Falls Pack
38 83

The Spring Falls Pack is a semi-realistic wolf role play. Have the ability to have a form as a human, and even gain powers! Venture through the sands of time, towards a new world...
98 Legends
37 65

Brand new fantasy wolf RP with fully customizable characters, elemental powers, animal sidekicks, and a genuine love for writing and creativity.
99 Kumari Wolves
37 48

Kumari is a play by post, semi-realistic wolf role play. With more than one pack with something different to offer, you'll surely find what you are looking for; and if not, make one of your own.
100 Disturbed Silence
37 136

Disturbed Silence has been running since June of 2010. We're a very developed wolf RP site. We are made up of very skilled RPers that would love some new friends.

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