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Wolves Of Chandra

Wolves of Chandra is a semi-realistic-literal role play site. It is for all levels of role play from beginner-advanced. Come join us as we run under the Moon, wild and free.

Rank Site In Out
76 Ravensvair
45 177

All are welcome at Ravensvair: a semi-realistic wolf rpg with a history. With origins steeped in tradition, the new wolves of Ravensvair must pick up the pieces following a great rebellion. Do they?
77 Eidolon
43 140

Eidolon is a new up and coming RPG experience. Choose from several species to play, create your own pack or herd, gain experience and level your characters, and take part in our original plot.
78 Silenced
41 59

Semi-lit to advanced, post apocalypse Wolf RPG. RP as a wolf or one of the other animals that live in their territory.
79 Vulpes Elementalis
41 254
An elemental fox roleplay with five clans: light, dark, fire, water, and forest. The current plot involves the light clan's crazy leader wanting to take over them all! A laidback community and friendly admin are hallmarks of this great site.
80 Paperthin
41 64

Visit the lands of the six deities, who have gifted the wolves below with abilities and attributes, thrown into chaos that the same gods have ripped apart.
81 Kumari Wolves
41 51

Kumari is a play by post, semi-realistic wolf role play. With more than one pack with something different to offer, you'll surely find what you are looking for; and if not, make one of your own.
82 Wolf's Tear
41 142
Wolf's Tear is an semi-realistic, intermediate wolf/shifter roleplay with a story created around life, love, death, and revenge. Who will win the war, the wolves or the Wolfiends? Created July 2004!
83 The African Falls Tribe
40 145

A semi-literate, realistic wild canid roleplay taking place in Africa. We are friendly for all ages and offer over 50+ canine species to choose from.
84 The Spring Falls Pack
38 85

The Spring Falls Pack is a semi-realistic wolf role play. Have the ability to have a form as a human, and even gain powers! Venture through the sands of time, towards a new world...
38 523

Questions surround the island as wolves come up dead, murdered brutally to their core. A hostile native pack threatens any survival. You have been chosen to start your new life on the island.
86 Life Is Fair Enough
38 208
An advanced-literate stray dog rpg in LA, California. In a place where anything can happen, come see where you journey takes you...
87 The Forgotten
36 268
Friendly atmosphere, short app and no word count! Join the battle for territory between the wolves and dogs.
88 The Carnival Pack
36 55
A new site with an apocalyptic carnival theme. The choice is yours on the path you take.
89 Thrill
34 85

Born just this year, Thrill is a realistic wolf RP just waiting for the book to write itself. We have an active community and amazing members. Come join the Thrill!!
90 canine conspiracy
32 108
a fresh brand new site! Staff positions opened as well as leader roles available! Come check us out
91 Perchance to Dream
31 60

Perchance to Dream is a wolf role play site which takes place in an island called Oiseau and is unique for holding a tradition in which wolves are able to bond with a bird companion.
92 Wolf Attraction
30 147
Wolf Attraction is a Modern Day Elemental Wolf site. Set on Victoria Island in North Canada. Can you survive living in one of the three packs, or will you take your chances being a lone wolf?
93 City of Ages
29 157
City of Ages is a fantasy dog site. We allow hybrids of dogs and wolves, or dogs and coyotes too. It's an intermediate to literate site. A virus has broken out and killed all the humans in Grey City.
94 The Stranglehold
29 207

The Stranglehold is an intermediate to advanced dog rpg in an apocalyptic setting.
95 Homeward Bound
28 152

We are a sled dog RP and welcome all levels of role-players so come and join us!
96 Nox Noctis
28 190
In a post-apocalyptic city destroyed by the hands of man, three vastly different packs are struggling to coexist despite drastic religious beliefs.
97 Northern Frost
28 10

Welcome, weary traveler.Are you ready to face your destiny?With many stories to tell, and countless more to be made, we welcome you to our community.
98 Red Rain
28 1

brand new feral canine rp-alpha and staff roles available. come check us out
99 Wolves of Sikhote Alin
27 9

In the primitive wilderness of the Sikhote-Alin Reserve in Primorsky Krai, Russia, wolves are a scarcity. Most have fallen victim to tigers. Will you join a new generation of wolves, and rise?
100 Moonlight Paws
27 129
The lands were destroyed by a savage earthquake, killing all living creatures, now almost 100 years later the earth has healed but scars can still be seen. New wolves now enter the land to find ...

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