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Midnight Whispers Pack

Will you join the search for hidden magic and discover who you truly are?

Rank Site In Out
51 Tamer Animals
99 14

Tamer Animals is a macabre canine RPG. Set in Vancouver Island, it centers around a strange, violent strain of rabies. We emphasize depth and development of craft and character.
52 Fire and Ice Wolf Packs
96 755

An active literate WRPG since 2006, we are a diverse community who welcomes writers of all ages and experiences, unlimited plots, hundreds of chances, six packs and only one land.
53 Silenced V2
95 69

While the humans are silenced the pack can speak out.
Literate, post apocalypse wolf RPG
54 Infidelis
94 16

Four gangs inhabit the city...their goal? To survive. Infidelis is a unique stray dog roleplay set in a fictional city. We are a friendly community inviting you to join us!
55 New Dreams
93 240

Welcome to Arakva, where Wolves rule as Kings, Queens, Guards and Alchemists.
{Unique}{Fantasy Wolf}{New}{Active}
56 Dauntless
93 42

A minimalistic-styled game, Dauntless is all about survival. We've got hunting and fighting mini-games, where death is a very real option. As a player in Dauntless, you need to combat starvation, dis
57 Lunari Addunt
91 63
Literate Fantasy RP. Here in Lunari we have 5 very different races from humans to shifters and even vampires. Feel free to explore our lands, but be careful, the war of the races carries on.
58 The Rain Pack
90 185

After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
88 64

An advanced fantasy wolf roleplay
60 Shadows on the Island
83 78

Multi specie from domesticated animals to wild ones and humans too; all trapped on an island cloaked in the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle
61 When The Music Stops
82 110

We have a 300 word count, a unique medicine and crafting system, plot modified by the actual roleplay, and a small but friendly community. Join us today!
62 Kivi Kotti
78 537

Our lives are what we make them. There is no guide to reference. We choose our own path. And from those choices, we may find what we have been searching for all along.
63 Disgraced
77 10

Disgraced is a semi-realistic, multi-animal role play site with a low word count. The site wide plot is very open ended and leaves room for character driven sub-plots.
64 Nightshade
75 359
The silhouette seemed to change before your eyes. The glowing orbs bounced the the consuming darkness.
Fantasy Wolf Role-play // Multiple Packs // Chosen Abilities
65 Kruptos
74 30

literate | greek-mythology | fantasy | wolf
prophecies | money system | quests
Journey through Kruptos to find your inner Hero.
66 Moonlit Dreams
73 470
Moonlit Dreams is an intermediate to advanced fantasy wolf role playing website. We have been active for nearly three years and have dedicated leadership and role players. Our plot is original and con
67 Ruled by Paws
70 432

Ruled By Paws is an intermediate to advanced canine RPG that takes place in a time where man is gone, and his so called best friend is on his own.
68 Ruby Moonlight
69 205

Come and check us out~ We don't bite, Promise? Well... maybe a little.
69 Point Of No Return
69 293

PONR is a literate wolf/human shifter roleplay with ever changing plots, friendly members, and loads of activity. Open since August 2008.
70 Midnight Whispers Pack
66 74

Will you join the search for hidden magic and discover who you truly are?
71 Land of Ruin
65 107

Welcome to the Land of Ruin! We are an elemental wolf rpg site with unique features. We have a 7 sentence minimum and accept all levels of writing. With an active community and friendly staff we welco
72 The Plague Dogs
64 450

Advanced Role Play
TPD is a unique role play spin off from 'The Plague Dogs' novel. Role playing has never been quite like this.
Can you handle it?
73 Spectrum--a completely freestyle wolf rpg
63 192

Spectrum is an all-level, entirely freestyle wolf rpg where members are encouraged to stretch their minds and exercise as much creativity as possible when it comes to characters and plots.
74 Nox Mortis
54 189

A paranormal/fantasy wolf roleplay for the intermediate and advanced roleplayers. This site takes place on a Planet called Mordum, in a territory known as Atrum. There are 3 species of wolf one can
75 Lassongra
54 502

We're a graphic canine mating role play, meaning forming relations with fellow canines is encouraged and is generally the main topic. Though we obviously allow normal role play to form as well.

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